Sarah Rose Graphic Design

Hi! I’m Sarah and I’m the Creative Director at Sarah Rose Graphic Design, specialising in branding for women entrepreneurs. And I'm so glad you are here with me for the DIY Branding Course!

A little about me for those who don't know me. 

I haven’t always run my own business. I worked in corporate ever since I left high school. I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life or career..

8 years later I was still working in corporate with no real future plans. 

.. Until one day at the accountancy firm I had been in for 6+ years, I was asked to create a letterhead design for one of the firms’ clients. 

What a stupid request right? I was working on reception while doing simple tax returns. I didn’t want to be disrupted with this random job that that was NOT part of my job description.

I was annoyed, and that was my attitude back then. I was living day to day, just trying to get my job done before 5pm so I could go home, chill and binge eat on peanut butter while watching probably Offspring or the latest TV show.

BUT… as soon as I started this random job I began a creative journey down into a zone I had not entered in quite a while..

And I LOVED it!  

I came up with 3 letterhead designs for this client, each including a different logo concept for them to choose from.

The client loved them and even gave a raving testimonial to my boss at the time.

Art being my favourite subject at school and having always loved design, I was reminded how much I loved this creative zone, that I enrolled into design college that week. 

And I haven’t looked back

I’ve freelanced for big design agencies and have experience in a broad range of design work from branding, packaging, logo design, marketing collateral, websites and so on. Two business coaches later, I decided to niche down into the area I enjoy most - branding design for women in business. 

I work with women entrepreneurs creating luxury branding that aligns to them and their business visions, high end branding that completely encapsulates who they are and what they are all about in a way that is completely unique to them, to attract only high paying clients. I once heard a designer quote this and it has stuck with me ever since: "The best way to deign is to Simplify then Amplify". My designs are overall simplistic which I believe portrays any message best, as well as ensuring that they are easily remembered.

I would love to hear about your journey in business, and if you need any assistance at all with your branding you can email 

Love and luck,

Sarah X