DIY Branding Course

The DIY Branding Course

For Business Start-Ups

This course is for driven, passionate women who have something huge to offer to the world..

But they just don’t know how to get it out there, let alone being able to afford the investment that comes with professional branding as a start-up.

  • Are you feeling totally overwhelmed with all the tasks on your list in order to get your beautiful self out there into the world?
  • Are you struggling with DIY branded images on the whim, that don’t give you credibility?
  • Are you struggling to pull together professional looking branding that makes you look like the leader in your field?
  • Are you struggling to keep things looking consistent and legit?

I know the struggles that so many women are going through trying to create branding on a budget, resulting in screaming at your computer, frustrated with your attempts.

I know what you REALLY want –

  • You want professional, high end, consistent branding that makes you look like the talented, credible woman that you are (without the price tag)
  • You’re sick of DIY-ing your branding - It’s frustrating and takes up a whole lot of your precious time that you could be using more wisely working on your business
  • You want consistent branding design across your logo, business cards, Facebook and Instagram posts, and website, to attract the clients you want to work with.

I’ve met with so many women who haven’t been able to afford professional branding as a start-up, and have had to resort to cheap websites that are prone to knocking off other people’s logo’s.

I also know women who have invested in branding and have received designs they don’t love, designs that were not what they asked for, nor were they aren’t aligned to who they are or how they wanted to be portrayed in the busy marketplace.

Is this you?

Well, do I have the golden ticket for you!

My name is Sarah, and I specialise in luxe, stand out branding for driven women entrepreneurs. I help my clients create branding that is not only professional, high end and stands out; my clients achieve with me branding that aligns to who they are, their business goals and their visions, and acts as a magnet to attract only premium paying clients.

And I’ve come up with a course that teaches women start ups to create professional, stand out branding on a budget.  

After completing my course, you will know:

  • How to build a strategy around your brand
  • Find out your “why”, your unique selling point or your unique point of difference
  • Pin point who it is exactly that you want to attract with your branding
  • How to position yourself as the leader in your field
  • How to create branding consistency all with with free online tools
  • I show you how to create a beautiful mood board encapsulating how you want your brand to feel like
  • I teach you how to design a unique and legitimate logo using the tools that us professionals use in our every day work
  • You learn how to create a brand board that encapsulates your brands look and feel
  • You learn about fonts and how to pair them
  • I show you how important colour choice is with colour psychology
  • I show you the fundamental tools needed when exporting your logo’s for print and web
  • You will have all the logo file formats you will ever need for both print and web, as well as the correct files for professional printers and future designers

You will come out of this course with a brand – not just a logo design, but a full brand experience that will wow your new clients.  

And did I mention that all tools you'll be using in the course will be free?

I will personally walk you through, step by step, so you don’t miss a thing.

You will walk out of this course with:

  • A professionally designed logo (and all the file formats you’ll ever need)
  • A professionally designed business card – ready to be sent off to print
  • A mood board encapsulating the look and feel of your brand
  • A brand board documenting the exact fonts and colours you’ll use to create brand consistency now and in the future
  • The beginning of your beautifully branded business that will be sure to flourish when you put it out there for the world to see how damn brilliant YOU are. 
Sarah Rose
Sarah Rose
Creative Director

About Sarah

I work with women entrepreneurs creating luxury branding that aligns to them and their business visions, high end branding that completely encapsulates who they are and what they are all about in a way that is completely unique to them, to attract only high paying clients. I once heard a designer quote this and it has stuck with me ever since: "The best way to deign is to Simplify then Amplify". My designs are overall simplistic which I believe portrays any message best, as well as ensuring that they are easily remembered...

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What's included?

24 Videos
2 Texts
8 PDFs

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Can I trademark a the pre-made logo design I purchased online?

You may not register the purchased logo design you bought from one of the pre-made bundles on Creative Market as a trademark. Keep in mind that third parties/other people can use your same logo design if purchased off Creative Market too.

Note that if you choose to design your own custom logo in the course (as you have both options), copyright belongs to you.

Is the pre-made logo design I purchased online unique to me?

No. Pre-made logo's purchased off Creative Market with the standard license will still be available to other users to purchase as well. 

Note that if you choose to design your own custom logo in the course (as you have both options), copyright belongs to you. 

How long will it take me to complete the course?

Depending on your speed on the computer, and how well you know your business in the Brand Foundation of Chapter 1, will depend on how long one will complete the course. I would estimate approximately 2 weeks to 1 month to complete the course. Please note that Modules 4-9 in Chapter 2 need to be completed within the 7 day period of your Adobe Illustrator Trial.

Adobe Illustrator 7 day trial

The Adobe Illustrator trial will be downloaded by those who wish to complete modules 4-9 in Chapter 2 (designing your own logo from scratch). The Adobe Illustrator trial lasts 7 days. If your trial ends before you complete up to module 9 of the course, you will be unable to complete this module of the course. Should you choose to purchase a logo template, this will not affect your course completion. Sarah Rose Graphic Design will not be held responsible for any trials that have ended before the course has been completed by the user. 

What computer do I need to have for this course?

This course can be completed on either a PC or Mac. You can use a desktop or laptop. It is recommended you have a printer nearby to print out your worksheets. It is also highly recommended that you have 2 screens in order to watch the video tutorials on one screen or device and complete the design modules in the course using your other screen or device. Note that Sarah uses a Mac in screen demonstrations.

What do I need to be able to complete this course?

You need a computer. This can be either a PC or Mac. You can use a desktop or laptop. It is recommended you have a printer nearby to print out your worksheets. You also need a pen. It is also highly recommended that you have 2 screens in order to watch the video tutorials on one screen or device and complete the course using your other screen or device.

Is this Course refundable if I'm not satisfied?

The DIY Branding Course is non-refundable. 

Terms and Conditions apply. See here for details.


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